Theresa Edet Ekpo (New Manager Of Food) Biography, Aged, State Of Origin,  Education Career, Occupation, Early Life

    Theresa Edet Ekpo
    Theresa Edet Ekpo

    Theresa Edet Ekpo (New Manager Of Food) Biography, Aged, State Of Origin,  Education Career, Occupation, Early Life, Children, Husband and many others necessary things.

    Hello, welcome to Freedy Gist Blog, here in this article we are going to give you all the necessary fact and information you may need to know about Theresa Edet Ekpo The New Manager Of Food in Akwa Ibom State, we are going to make it very brief, so if you were actually searching on Google, Bing or any other search engine Theresa Edet Ekpo Biography and it lands you here, then you are in the right page because here in this very article we are going to make sure provide all the necessary fact or information About the New Commissioner Of Food in Akwa Ibom State.

    Theresa Edet Ekpo
    Theresa Edet Ekpo

    Note: All information see here About Theresa Edet Ekpo (New Manager Of Food), all are real and accurate because it is gotten from a verified source as you all know that we are not fans to fake news not to talk of putting fake news or information on our blog, we first of verified the news or information before them here for our readers because we know how bad fake news and how they can travel fast, so we make sure that a information here in Freedy Gist Blog is real not fake.

    So below are the necessary information you may need to know Theresa Edet Ekpo The New Manager Of Food in Akwa Ibom State.

    Theresa Edet Ekpo ( New Manager Of Food in Akwa Ibom State) Date Of Birth and Parentage

    Theresa Edet Ekpo mostly known as or mostly call  Adiha Utebe, she was born on the 20th of August, 1947 into the family of Nung Edem Udo in Nung Ambet in Obong Itam. Her father was late Effiong Edem Udo otherwise known as “Utebe Ete” while her mother Late Madam Nkoye Okon Uya from Nung Uya In Nung Abi Inua in Ekim itam both in Itu local government in Akwa Ibom State.

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    Theresa Edet Ekpo ( New Manager Of Food in Akwa Ibom State) Education Career

    We all know that back then girls right to education was neglected, irrespective of this fact, Adiaha Utebe as she is usually called was opportune to attend conference school obong Itam up to standard four as at 1960. She was able to read and write.

    In 2001, she got admission into the university of Calabar, she studied Food and Nutrition, from there she developed passion in cooking and also in managing.  She was one of the best that year, She graduated in 2005 and went to NYSC in 2007 were she serves in Lagos state.

    New Manager Of Food in Akwa Ibom State (Theresa Edet Ekpo) Marriage Life

    Young Therasa Effiong Embraces marriage to late Mr. Edet Ekpo Of Ita Uran, the marriage was blessed with eight children, two males and six females but one of her daughter is death.

    Below are the names of Her Children:

    1. Mrs. Rose Uchena Anigbi – Daughter
    2. Mrs. Itoro James Edet  – Daughter
    3. Mr. Emmanuel Edet Ekpo – son
    4. Mrs. Nifreke Ubon Dominic – Daughter
    5. My. Uwemobong Edet Ekpo – Son
    6. Miss Imaobong Okokon Sam – Daughter
    7. Miss Mary Okokon Sam  – Daughter

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    Theresa Edet Ekpo Occupation

    Theresa Edet Ekpo had a busy during her young age she was a successful trader and a farmer, she combined both successfully and effectively. From Trading and farming, she raises money to further her education from secondary school to university.

    After She graduate from the University of in 2007, she finally secures her dream job, She becomes a cooker in the Government House, she serves as a junior worker from 2008 ti 2013, she got staff as a government worker and paid awesomely.

    In 2020, Theresa Edet Ekpo was Appointed as a New manager of Food and event, she was pointed as the manager of Food the same day Emilia Udo Bassey was Appionted as The New Commissioner Of Food. Both of them where Appointed by Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel (The Governor Of Akwa Ibom State).

    According to Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, he said that he has been observing these two ladies, they have been a loyal servant and they deserve the world to know about them.

    Theresa Edet Ekpo Social Life

    Adiaha Utebe as usually called was a woman of many parts. When she was young and she took part consistently on cultural dance in her community Obong itam in it local government area in Akwa Ibom state. She was very good at it and everybody loves her for that.

    In her working place, she always yields to all the rules and regulation of the job without violating any, She had a good relationship with everybody around her. She likes giving to the less privilege.

    Theresa Edet Ekpo Christian Life

    Madam Theresa Edet Ekpo was born  into the Roman Catholic Church which she later change to the African church when she got married and on getting back to Obong Itam she decided to worship with Assemblies of God Obong Itam, Obong itam Section where she took parts in church activities during her days.

    Theresa Edet Ekpo Preamble

    Everything that has a beginning must also have an ending. A Journey of a Thousand milles must surely end . A Runner has a finishing point and stories has an endings. A songwriter said that this world is not our own we are just passing through being in this world is just ones, once the Appointed time comes we will all go; for we all know after death cometh Judgements.


    Theresa Edet Ekpo was born on the 20th of August, 1947 and she is from Obong Itam In Itu Local Government in Akwa Ibom State.

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