Martins Feelz

Martins Feelz Biography, Aged, State Of Origin, Phone Number, Net-Worth Etc.

Martins Feelz Biography, Aged, State Of Origin, Phone Number, Career, Parent, Net – Worth. etc.

Here is the Biography Of Olawale Ayodeji Martins popularly known as Martins Feelz as his Stage Name and here in this Article, we are going to tell you everything you may need to know About Martins Feelz.

Martins Feelz
Martins Feelz

Don’t forget that article is for The Die Hard fans of Martins Feelz.

Who Is Martins Feelz?

Olawale Ayodeji Martins popularly known as Martins Feelz, rapper infused with Afrobeat, He is from Nigeria,  He is looking up to the likes of  the evergreen JJC Skillz, Slim Joe, he is currently in  SOP Record Label


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 Martins Feelz Date Of Birth | Aged | Parent | Birthday 

Ayodeji Martins AKA Martins Feelz was born on the 23rd September 1998.

Martins Feelz is the last child of a family of four.


Rapper Martins Feelz State Of Origin 

Martins Feelz, is from llorin, the state capital of Kwara in Western Nigeria.


Martins Feelz Education Career, 

Rapper Martins Feelz is currently studying Microbiology at the University of Ilorin, In llorin In Nigeraia.


Rapper Martins Feelz Music Career

Martins feelz has been enjoying a smooth run in the limelight as his releases have always been met with praises from fans and critics alike.

Feelz was signed in a new record label named SOP Records Label. The label houses five acts; twin singers Gemstones, singer/rapper Mo Eazy and singer Sonorous.

Martins Feelz emphasizes the importance of staying focused, patient, embracing hard work and putting God first with his heartfelt tone as a young man addressing his peers and inspiring greatness in them.


Martins Feelz Contacts

Below, is Martins Feelz Contact ;

Instagram handle:- @Martinsfeelz

Twitter Handle:- @Martinsfeelz



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  1. I am a very big fan of Martinsfeelz, only his music I find confidence listening to, his words of wisdom is from above. I really wish to meet him soon but I don’t know how possible that is. He is Godly and good looking only if I can just have a selfie with him….Muaaah

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