How To Cook Plantain With Vegetables – Step By Step Guide

How To Cook Plantain With Vegetables
How To Cook Plantain With Vegetables

How To Cook Plantain With Vegetables – Step By Step Guide

Hello readers, I will like to welcome you to Freedy Gist Blogone of the most visited Food website in Nigeria, Here in this website we usually give out free tutorials on How To cook any local dishes in Nigeria. Our Tutorials are aways free, we give it out free of charge like others websites who sell their tutorials, but here we give you free cause our aims is to educate people and train them on how to cook our local dishes because some people that were not born in the village fines it difficult to corp or to cook our local food because nobody shows them how too do it, so we recommend you to visit this website for more interesting articles. Don’t forget, if you have any food ( Local Dishes ) you have in mind to cook and you don’t know how to do it and maybe you have searched this whole website and you couldn’t find it, feel free to contact us here, please when writing us a message ( Contacting Us ), please be specific, know what you want and give us the Name of the food and how you want it to be or How you want to cook it.

On our last tutorial, we were talking about Scent Leaf Soup, We gave a step by step guide on How To Cook Scent Leaf Soup if you missed it click here and learn.

How To Cook Plantain With Vegetables
How To Cook Plantain With Vegetables

After we dropped The tutorial, we were surprised to see that many people didn’t know that scent leaves can also be used in making soup, from the comment we had, I was convinced that we have help and educate many people especially the Restaurant owners. The funniest part was that One woman contacted us on WhatsApp thanking us for the tutorial and also showing us a video of the Scent leaf Soup she prepared saying that she and her husband really enjoyed the soup very well. I was very happy because at least we have been able to teach and educate people. Having such feedback makes us or motivate us to drop more useful articles. We also found out another comment, according to the comment the man us if Scent leaf is that good to the body and if it will have a side when been cooked as a soup. before we would reply to the message, one man replies to him under the comment.

He said:

if Scent leaf can be taken raw and it is stil good for the health and still it cures many infection and others anti-bacterial disease how will it has side effect when it properly cooked?. I am a doctor when i see young men nd women comming to me compaining of raches, what i wil advice them is to drink scent leaf and if possibe they should apply the scent leaves to the affected part of their body, knowing that scent leaf has the abilit to smoothen your skin and can aso makes it fresh.

But today i discovered that they can actually used scent leaf in making soup, i appreciate @freedygistblog for this great tutorial.

Thank you.

The Rely was Awesome.

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Best And Healthy Way To Cook Plantain – Step By Step Guide

So today we are going to looking at Best and Healthy way To Cook Plantain With Vegetables don’t forget it is a Step By Step Guide and we going to make it simple and brief. As we all know that there are many ways of cooking unripe plantains but we are going to show you Best and Healthy way To Cook Plantain. Many people only know How To cook Plantain with beans, to cook plantain as pepper soup and to eat with oil be it palm oil or groundnut oil, but today we are going to show you how to cook plantain with vegetable leaves which is one of the best and healthy way to cook plantain. we all know that Plantain is rich with carbohydrate, protein, calcium etc, doctors always recommend people to eat plain to stay healthy, but you can only enjoy plantain when it is properly cooked.

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How To Cook Plantain With Vegetables – Step By Step Guide

We all know that plantain can be cooked in different ways depending on how you like it and how you want it to be cooked or how you know how to cook it, but here in his page, we are going to show you The Best and healthy ways to plantain. Many people don’ know that plantain can be cooked with vegetable leave not only with beans. So if actually, you were searching on Google or any other search engine How To Cook Plantain with Vegetable leaves, congrats you are on the right page.

To make it brief and simple, let’s quickly give the lists of things you need keep in place or things you need to buy from the market when going to the market.

  1. Plantain (Unripe plantain )
  2. Vegetable Leave (Pumpkin Leaves)
  3. Dry Fish
  4. Stuck Fish
  5. Onions
  6. Maggi
  7. Salt
  8. Palm Oil
  9. Pepper

Please follow the steps and instruction very well:

  1. Cut and Wash The vegetable leave very well
  2. Remove the plantain from it’s shell and wash it very well to avoid sand.
  3. Cute the plantain into smaller pieces like you want to cook it with beans.
  4. Slice your vegetable leaves, let it be small.
  5. Wash your stuck fish and dry fish thoroughly, put them inside a pot and add water ( please know the quantity of water you add so that the water won’t be too much.
  6. Wash Everything that needs to be washed
  7. Put the pot on the fire and allow it to steam, i think it will take 10 to 20 minutes depending on how strong is your fire.
  8. Immediately the water boils, pour in your plantain and cover the pot until it boils, i think it will take 10 to 15 minutes to do so.
  9. Now wash your onoins and slice it into smaller pies
  10. Grind your cray fish if it was not
  11. Grind your Pepper if it was not grind
  12. Now open your pot, it is time to add others ingredient
  13. Add salt, add maggi, add cray fish, pepper and onions, stir the pot very well ( Please know how you add all those spices, you know too much of any of them spoils the food.)
  14. Now pour in your palm oil and stir it, now the food is 98% and ready to go.
  15. Now Add your slice vegetable leaves and stir it for propper mixture, leave it on the fire for like 2 minutes.
  16. after 2 mintes remove it from the fire so that the vegetable leaf won’t die, we need it be fresh.
  17. Now your food is ready.

This video will help you discover more healthy way to cook plantain


Hope the steps is easy and simple?, Do you have any question to ask concerning this article, the comment box is now open, throw in your question and we will atain to it.

Cooking Plantain with vegetable is way easy than cooking plantain with beans, if you have folowed the steps very well congrate you are now a pro. kindly save this page or you boook mark it on your browser for easy nagivation.

Thank You.

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