How To Cook Banga Rice | How To Cook Rice With Abak (Banga) – Step By Step Guide


How To Cook Banga Rice | How To Cook Rice With Abak (Banga) – Step By Step Guide

Hello, welcome to Freedy Gist Blogone of the to blogs that gives out free useful tutorial to users. So today we are going to discussing or talking about How To Cook Rice With Abak (Banga), many people hear and know that they can use Abak (Banga) to cook rice in form of mtn rice, but the problem is that they don’t know how to do it, I can bet you if you were not born In the village trust me you can’t or you won’t know how to cook rice with Abak (Banga), it is not that cooking rice with Banga is difficult, but people don’t always know how to do it in the right and correct way.

So after this lesson, we know you know-how:

  • How To Preare Banga
  • How To Cook Rice with Banga or Abak
  • How To do many things with Banga
  • What Is Banga? and some interesting information you may need to know about Banga
  • Health Benefit Of Banga
  • Etc.

About Banga – Some Interesting and Necessary Information You May Need To Know About Banga.

Banga is the water Extract from palm fruit, it has many health benefits which we are also going to discuss here in this article. In Ghana, palm nut soup is called abenkwan while In Nigeria, it is called banga , ofe akwu, oghwo amiedi, or izuwo ibiedi, Abak etc. Many people think that Banga can only be used in the cooking soup only but research hs made us know that Banga can also be used in cooking rice just like cooking rice with palm oil only.  We all know that without Banga Atama soup cannot be complete, so it has both economic and heat benefits to the society.

Recall that on our last tutorial we were talking about A Step By Step Guide On How To Cook Plantain With Vegetables which we took our time to list out both the economic importance and health important of plantain, we were very amazed after three (3) days we drop the tutorial the feedback we got was so so impraise and some people were really surprised to know that plantain can actually be cooked with vegetable not only beans. Some people sharing us a video they cooked after following our step by step guide, just like today, we are going to give out a step by step guide on How To Cook Rice With Abak (Banga) .

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How To Cook Rice With Abak (Banga) – Step By Step Guide

Here in this Article we are going to give you a step by set guide on How To Cook Rice With Abak (Banga), we are going to make it very brief and quickly, so you have to the stes carefully, if you have any question to ask, you will be given an opportunity to ask any question at the end of this post, but your question should be related to this topic.

Like we said, we are going to make this very brief, so now we are going to give you list of things you should keep in place or things you should from the market in order to cook Rice With Abak (Banga) or Banga rice:

  1. Rice
  2. Palm Fruit
  3. Cray fish
  4. maggi
  5. Smoke Fih
  6. Dry fish
  7. salt
  8. Pepper
  9. Onions

As you can see it doesn’t require many things just like MTN RICE, Banga rice often refers to low-class food because it is mostly cooked in the village but despite that, we have seen it in many rest restaurants and eateries in town which means that many people are still demanding for it.

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Why Do We Decide To Write About This?

We know many will be surprised why we decide to write about this local food, yea since i saw the food inside eateries i was shocked at the same time notice that many people like you may be searching on google or any other search console, at that time we had it in mine to write the tutorial but i was not motivated enough until we receive a mail from one lady who is Restaurant owner in Akwa Ibom State asking us to give her a step by step guide on how to Cook Banga rice since that is what we know how to do best. I was like wow, i said it, immediately after reading the message, i jump into my laptop and start writing this article.

Let’s go straight to the main point, now we have list out things you need to keep in place before cooking Banga Rice.

Since everything is in place, let’s start.

  1. Wash your rice and put it inside the pot and cook it
  2. wash your palm fruit also if possible  put the palm fruit inside a nylon with water inside the nylon and pt it inside ( you can only do this to less stress you if you don’t want to cook the palm fruit separately)
  3. Now use the opportunity to do other things
  4. Wash you smoke fish and the dry fish
  5. Wash and slice your onions
  6. Before you might finish doing all those things both the rice and the rice will be soft a little, now pour them inside a filter and remove the palm fruit.
  7. Now if you didn’t put your palm fruit inside the rice, here is the right time to cook your palm fruit separate.
  8. Now if you did put the palm fruit with the rice, remove it from the rice and prepare Banga.
  9. Hope you know you know how to prepare Banga? if yes, prepare it the best you know how to prepare, if you don’t, then follow this steps: Remove the palm fruit from the rice and poured it, poured it very well, after that put water and stir it very well and filter the water inside a pot, let the water be enough to cook the rice because you won’t add another water exception of the Banga water.
  10. If you cooked the your palm fruit separately, follow the steps above to prepare your Banga if you know how to prepare it, prepare it the best way you know how to
  11. Now put the rice you boil earlier inside the pot and add the Banga water the quantity you see that will cook the rice but don’t let the water to be too much, put the pot on the fire.
  12. After about 20 minutes, add the dry fish
  13. After 5 minutes, add salt, Maggi, pepper and your cray fish and stir it a little
  14. Add your smoke fish and make sure it is scattered, also add you slice onions.
  15. Now you Banga rice is almost ready.
  16. Stir the rice very well for proper mixture and wait until the water has finally dry off.
  17. You can add a little vegetable
  18. When the water has finally dry, remove the pot from the fire.

The Video Below will also help you:


Hope the steps where easy enough for you to follow, if you have any question in drop it side the comment box, we will answer it with the space of 24 hours.


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